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Overlooking the construction of Cherrywood's high density development and the affluent sea-view suburb of Rathmichael, lies one of Ireland's largest un-excavated ringforts. Estimated to date back to the late Bronze Age, Rathmichael Ringfort has presided over the arrival of the Celts and the transition of bronze to iron. Silently bearing witness to both the threat and the promise of change, it's hillside location straddles the intersection between antiquity and modernity, where build to rent apartments creep outwards towards the mountains, obscuring early Christian burial sites.

You are welcome to the first digital realisation of crux.project.

Spawned from live-streamed graduations and the uncertainty of being a pandemic postgraduate, grew an urgency to reimagine exhibitions and autonomous realisations. crux.project currently takes form as an evolving platform for off-site exhibition making. Shifting with the current moment and in line with artistic practices, it is both momentary and permanent, physical and virtual. The project's occupancy in the physical realm is transient, in the form of guerrilla exhibitions which manifest indefinitely online. Pertinent to this decentralized project is the open system, by absorbing new and non-fixed surroundings the output narrative changes constantly, blurring the line between information flow and artistic practice.

As a historical place of gathering, Rathmichael Ringfort, was appropriated for the convergence of eight early career artists; Lauren Conway, Lana May Fleming, Frances Hennigan, Rory Malone, Ciara Mc Goldrick, Chloe McKeown, Dianne Murphy, and Luke van Gelderen. There was no strict concept, just a location to consider. Each artist was invited to display their work on September 20th, 2020 and to later translate this event for a digital audience. Questions around history, culture, mythology, cruelty, body image, digital identity and self-consumption emerged. The grass became a stage for performance, the hiking paths restored for pilgrimage and the trees harboured high rise homes for mystical locals.

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